Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strange Calls

Yesterday the world got a bit stranger and not for the better.

I was called by a woman whose son was arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of ammunition. The police blew off the door to the house because they had a search warrant. At least one officer was armed with an M-4 assault rifle.

A thorough search of the house led officers to some bullets in the mother's room hidden behind her dresser.

During the execution of the search warrant, officers shot and killed her toothless bulldog because he was barking.

All of that and the State will still have to prove the son knew the ammo was in the house. Doubtful they will.

The second strange call came from another woman. She told me she was charged with domestic battery. I immediately found this odd since it's rare a woman is charged with this crime.

But, women can be aggressive too. I was shocked to learn that she was arrested and charged with domestic battery for giving her 8 year old son a whooping. The child's school called authorities and DCFS got involved.

This woman sounded very sensible on the phone. Her son did something that would have gotten me spanked as a child. She went to hit him with a belt (I had worse) and he put his arm down and turned in an effort to frustrate butt impact.

Instead of hitting him on the rear end, she got his arm instead. And it left a mark that school officials saw. The child was taken to the doctor. However, the doctor couldn't see anything on the boy's arm.

Why? And why?



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