Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Relax

I have to be brief. I just finished day 1 of a murder trial at 26th & California. My client could fave up to 85 years in prison if convicted. He was 16 when arrested. Today he is 18.

This young man should be in the hall of fame of positive attitudes. Every time I see him, he smiles. He tells me that he's blessed. He asks me how I am doing. And at no time has he ever said anything mean spirited about anyone involved in his case.

I have been told many times by him that he's innocent.

Today was day 1 of the trial. The State's case started to unravel a little this morning before we began. The prosecutor made my client an offer for the first time. 25 years at 100%. When I told the client the offer he asked "why are you telling me?" I explained that I have to. He smiled and said "I hope you laughed at them!"

I took a seat next to him in the holding area. He told me I just need to relax and things would be just fine. I get to go home everyday, but if things go really wrong he won't be going home for a long time, if ever. I wondered how he could be so calm. And I asked.

I was told the Lord has spoken to him and showed him the coming victory. According to the client, I am just supposed to talk and do my job. From there everything will follow.

The trial started. I will write more when it's over. At the end of today, my client told me to do more of the same tomorrow. I will.

This might make a church-goer of me.


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